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Just Peachy Gifts and Accessories

really wants to make your life beautiful. We are the happy faces that are dedicated to making that happen! We want to work with you personally to make your gift dreams and ideas come true!



Hilary Pellittieri is an elementary school teacher, wife and doggy-mommy. She loves all things books, wine, and DIY. If you show her a picture of anything, she will figure out how to make it better, prettier and for less money! As well as being a founding member of Just Peachy Gifts, she is our own personal Production Manager. She makes sure every item is made from quality materials and that each order meets her very own high standard. Her finger prints are definitely all over your custom gift, but don’t worry she’ll wipe it clean before it ships.


Jordan Whaley is an artist and designer. She loves anything to do with color, funny kitties, and wine. (I’m sure you’re sensing a trend, and realizing how wine-filled our business meetings are.) Along with being a co-founder of Just Peachy Gifts, Jordan is also the Art Director. She makes decisions about the look and feel of your personal gifts and helps the vision in your head become a reality. She gets very excited when she has a new project to work on, especially when it’s something she’s never done before. So be sure and give her your craziest ideas for your next custom gift!



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