A Few of Our Favorite Things: February Edition

As Southern Women, we take our recommendations very seriously. Whether what we read next or an excellent bottle of wine, we are constantly in search of a recommendation from our friends. Here are some of our favorite things we are loving this month. Check them out and share your opinions with us!
Apothic Wines
When friends visit, or I am invited over to dinner, I think it is important to be ready with a bottle of wine to share along with good conversation. I try to keep something that is classic, simple, and many would enjoy no matter their wine palate. My go to wine lately has been from the Apothic Cellar. A dear friend recommended their red and white wines as our wine of choice for my wedding, and it was a huge hit. They are not too dry or too sweet. It is an easy to drink wine with dinner and is flavorful enough to sip during an engaging conversation. So currently this is my go to wine to keep on hand and to share with others. After delivering it as hostess gifts, a few friends of mine are now hooked on Apothic wines also. I highly recommend starting out with the Apothic Red. It is a red blend with hints of dark fruit and vanilla. This Valentine’s Day, try a bottle, let us know what you think!
Stitch Fix
The popularity of Stitch Fix has grown recently. Stitch Fix sends a box to you full of 5 pieces of a mix of clothes, jewelry, and shoes; you have a set amount of days to try them on, decide what you like, then send the pieces you don’t want back. About four years ago, after I ordered my first Stitch Fix box, I fell in love. I decided to order one for my birthday that year. As I open my box, I am excited to try on my five pieces. The best part being I can test them out with the clothes I already own. It is a game changer. No more guessing if items would pair well together, I could try them on before committing to the item. I do not subscribe to monthly boxes, but instead, I schedule them as I need, mainly because they are a little expensive for this teacher’s budget. However, I have been pleased with each box keeping 3-5 items each time. The $20 styling fee is the upfront cost to have the box shipped to you, but if you keep even just one piece that fee is applied to your purchase. Often, I end up buying all five items, because of the discount for keeping all items in the box. The items are unique, quality, and fit my personality. I have bought things that I would not have thought to try on in the stores, expanding my wardrobe beyond my comfort zone into things that have made me feel confident. My favorite feature is the ability for me to leave my stylist with a message including items I want/need and upcoming events. I love the notes they send back to me! While they aren’t always able to fulfill my request, they send me items that I have been able to wear to showers, weddings, birthday dinners, work, and more. I will continue to order from Stitch Fix to grow a more sophisticated wardrobe appropriate for a Southern Lady.
The Crown
WOW! This show has me hooked. I am not a huge historical fiction fan, so this TV show was not on my radar to watch. Many friends continued to recommend this to me, so finally, I decided to give it a try. WOW! The Crown is a Netflix original series, meaning the only place to watch is through a Netflix account. The writers are showing the human side of the English royal family, recounting the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. We see the struggles and triumphs (not to mention scandal) of the lives of the royal family in a personal way. After watching, I am feeling more and more like they are my family. The actress playing the Queen, Claire Foy, is elegant yet confident. While John Lithgow is brilliant playing the role of a cranky, old Winston Churchill. As Queen Elizabeth II and her family are trying to navigate her way through her new role as Queen, I sympathize with her as I try to navigate my world as an adult. I seriously cannot stop watching this show. I highly recommend flipping on the first episode, if you haven’t already. But be warned, you may not be able to turn it off.
Share your thoughts with us! What did you think of these things? Have any recommendations for us? We can’t wait to hear from you!
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