Four Remarkable Reasons to Express Your Appreciation

Have you ever felt unappreciated for your work? Does it affect your future tasks? Putting effort into something can turn into frustration if you feel underappreciated for it.

The Dalai Lama said, “when you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect towards others.” The world is full of people willing to go out of their way to help out. Our lives are full of friends and acquaintances whose small actions make our lives easier. Without them, we often would not be as successful as we are. Your actions have the same effect on others. So often you go out of your way to support others. Sometimes these tasks go unnoticed. Why? Do we forget or do we indeed not notice? Out of respect to each other and building a community of regard to all people, showing our appreciation can remind us that each individuals’ time and energy is precious.

Acts of Appreciation


I recently received an unexpected thank you letter in the mail from a friend of mine. She asked me to complete an interview for a class she was taking, something that took me 20-30 minutes of time to do. I did not mind doing this. So, I was surprised when I received a thank you note for it! I could not believe a simple thing I had done had warranted this beautiful tribute. She expressed her gratitude, what it meant to her, and then finally how it would impact her future. I was on top of the world, ready to help others.


I began to think, being grateful is so simple; it can change the attitude of a person instantly, so why are we not more grateful?

More importantly, why SHOULD we be more grateful to others? Here are the TOP reasons why I think you should give more thanks to others.

First, gratitude is contagious. I discovered after I received the unexpected Thank You Note, I was much more aware of thanking others for their time. The more personal and meaningful, the longer it will stick with them. One thank you can spread to many others, much like a smile. Your thank you could have a bigger effect on the world around you than you could know.


Appreciation Thankful

Second, there are many simple, time-saving, inexpensive ways to show others gratitude. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to show people that you appreciate them. A few kind words to someone else won’t cost you anything but can be worth the world to someone else. A $2-5 gift can be even more meaningful. Or for someone who continually helps you, you may spend $10-$20 on a larger gift a year. The simple gesture will mean more than the money you put into it. Your friend will remember your appreciation every time they use your gift.


Third, as the Dalai Lama said, I agree that giving thanks to another for their time, efforts, gifts, and more shows them respect. I am a big believer that you have to give respect to get respect. When there is mutual respect between two people, it is easier to work with them in the future. They are more willing to help you out, be understanding if you make a mistake, and listen better to your ideas. Building respect can help build better relationships between those in your life.


Finally, it makes you feel good to give to others. No matter if you believe in karma, heaven, or the good in others; we all feel good when we do things for others. Whatever your motivation doing good for others is the right thing to do. Giving thanks to others is always the right thing to do, in any form.


Appreciation Gifts

Here are a few ideas for ways you can express your “THANK YOU”:

1. verbal “thank you”

2. card with a personalized note

3. inexpensive, practical item (such as notepad, post-its, highlighter, favorite snack or drink)

4. personalized gifts (such as coffee mug, water bottle, $5 gift card)


I am making small changes to say thank you in a variety of ways. My first step was to gather a collection of small gifts and cards to keep on hand. This way I am prepared to say thank you quickly. The sooner I can gift my appreciation the more likely I won’t forget and the more meaningful the gift.

What are your favorite ways to give thanks to those around you? Do you have any go-to gifts you like to deliver? Special gestures you do for others? Leave them in a comment below. We love to hear from you!

And as always, I hope your life is Just Peachy.

thanks 4

** gifts pictured include compliment cards are from Erin Condren ($5 for 10 cards), the notepad and pencils are from Target’s Dollar Days ($2), the wine glass can be found on Just Peachy’s website ($10)


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