How I Curate a More Beautiful Life and a Happier Environment

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Have you ever tried being productive in a super cluttered space? Almost impossible right? On the flip side, have you stepped outside on a completely gorgeous day and had your mood totally lifted? I don’t believe I need to convince you that our environment has an effect on our mood and our lifestyle. The proof is literally right in front of you all the time!

In our social media driven world, it’s somehow now a rule that our lives have to be active, lovely, and on trend all the time! That’s a lot to handle, isn’t it? I challenge you to put the same effort that goes into finding the perfect filter into beautifying and personalizing your own environment. (And don’t do it for anyone but yourself!) This means you don’t have to put out that obnoxious blue vase that your mom loves or white wash everything in your office for a perfect insta pic. Give yourself permission to display the gorgeous and sentimental things that bring you and your family joy. My best advice is to fill your home, office, car environment with things that make it feel like you and your family’s home. Don’t compromise and don’t feel bad for your choices. Period.

I’m giving you permission here to create a space that does not look like it’s off of Fixer Upper if you don’t want that. If shiplap is not your style, find some inspiration that helps you to feel happy, homey, and lovely. This is your home, and you have total control over the style. If you are classic, keep your antiques displayed. If you love a farmhouse look, keep your rustic wood accents! The point is, it’s all you, baby.

Think of yourself as a curator, and your home as a very prestigious museum. Only the best stuff gets in and everything finds a home elsewhere. By very best, I don’t mean most expensive, but what is closest to your heart and what makes you happiest. That can be a very old family photo hanging on the wall or a pillow in the perfect shade of gray. Whatever makes you happy is the trend here!

Whatever makes you happy is the trend here!

I was recently sparked by a conversation with a friend. We were talking about our homes and what a pain they were to maintain and keep looking acceptable. Basically, we were complaining about cleaning and all the things we needed to do around the house. We were at her house, enjoying coffee, and she admitted that, for a while, she was embarrassed about her home because it was not up to her standards. It was cluttered with distractions and mess instead of being a museum to the kind of life her family wanted to live. She hated having friends visit her home because she viewed it as more of a pain than a blessing. Then everything changed when she made a commitment to spend the time needed to make her home a place that felt as good and balanced as she felt when she was with her friends and family. She was so much more open to sharing her space with other people, it became an even happier place for her! When we have a place we are proud of, we can use it to make more beautiful experiences for ourselves.

I’m advising you now, take the time to turn your home into something that genuinely reflects your beautiful personality. You will feel the difference it makes on your lifestyle. A little side note, we’ve been talking about your “home” this whole time. I want to be sure that you understand that your home is where you spend your time and live your life. Anywhere can be your home, your car, your office, your purse, even your Instagram profile. You can take these tips and help curate all parts of your life.

I am not saying you need to go Marie Kondo on us and throw out every item that doesn’t spark joy in your life, but seriously take some time to consider what brings your outside world closer to your beautiful inside.

To be honest with you, I’ve lived in more than a few “homes” in the last few years, 8 different places in the past 5 years or so, and I’m not quite done moving yet. I’d definitely say I’m used to tweaking, adjusting, adding, and curating my surroundings to make sure I’m comfortable and inspired. I’m so blessed to be in the season of my life that I can pick up and move around so easily, but it’s not always glamorous. I’ve learned the importance of taking a step back and really looking at my personal space as a reflection of my mental and emotional self. Let me tell you, I know it’s not easy, but it’s so worth it.

For me, a happy space is comfortable. Big, soft pillows and blankets are essential. It’s personal, I love to hang up pictures and notes and anything that reminds me of my friends and family. I use clips so I can easily change them out when new experiences happen that I want to commemorate. And it’s beautiful I love to incorporate artwork from my talented friends and strangers who inspire me! Over time, I learned that these three things are important to making my home homier.

Now assignment time, I challenge you to really think about what your happy place is. It’ll take some time to figure it out, but once you do you can start implementing your happy items into your space. I’d suggest writing in your journal or talking it out with a friend to keep yourself focused. It’s good to have something or someone hold you accountable as well. This isn’t a time to be lazy! This is your happiness we’re talking about here. Once you find what inspires your happiness, start to find small things to change that really push that idea in your space. If you value efficiency, get organized, girl! Go crazy at the container store and find a place for everything.

A little tip: Everything you plan may not work out at first. Don’t give up if you try something that doesn’t fit Give it some time, and you’ll come up with a solution. Keep up with your journal and take the time to find the answer.  I’m not here to give you instructions for a quick solution to a happy space, just the inspiration to get started on the process

I’m actually working on this right now. I’ve been re-evaluating what exactly I need in my office/studio space to keep me inspired, focused, and lovely. I’ve also been reworking my closet. Hopefully, it’s getting more organized..but I’m not quite happy with it yet. It’s not easy, it’s not quick, but it’s definitely not impossible! I really think we can do it together. If you’re feeling inspired by this article and need some a little more inspiration, let me suggest The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Reading her book put so much perspective and so much happiness into my life! I definitely recommend it. Gretchen takes you on a journey with her and I think it helps to remind that happy living isn’t master forever in just one day.

Take the time to help your outside world reflect your inside and you’ll live a happier, lovelier, peachier life! 😉

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