How To Create an Impressive and Personal Gift Basket in A Few Simple Steps

Impressive and Personal Gifts Baskets

We have so much to celebrate!! Birthdays, Weddings, New Births, Graduations, New Homes, Friendships, New Jobs, and so much more! We celebrate the minor and monumental events in such a variety of ways. No matter how you and your loved ones celebrate it is important to remember that no matter how big or small these events seem, the smallest acknowledgment can make the biggest difference. 20160617_200111481_iosOne of my go-to ways for acknowledging beautiful life celebrations is creating gift baskets. These are perfect because they can be personalized for any occasion and any person. Who wouldn’t LOVE a personalized gift? In this case, it’s truly the thought that counts!

So how can you make the best out of Gift Baskets?

I am here to share some of my tips and tricks to creating a gift basket that can be enjoyed by persons of all ages. I am going to walk you through my creation of a gift basket I created for a dear friend’s bridal shower!

I always start with my purpose. What are we celebrating? What do they need? In this case, my purpose was obviously a bridal shower, but I wanted to focus my purpose a little more. I knew they did not have much of a well-stocked kitchen for entertaining and sharing their home with others. Knowing their personalities, I knew they would be excited to invite others into their new home. I wanted to create objects to incorporate their new initials into items they could use to create an inviting space they could share a homemade dinner for friends or a special girls night with wine. So I started by gathering items from many different places. I looked at clearance items, coupons, garage sales, and basically, anywhere I would go. The early and longer you give yourself to look the more you can find and the better your deals. I try to set a budget, so not to go CRAZY with all the goodies I could possibly buy.

One of my biggest tips is to make everything that you can, usable.

Mixing soft with glass meant that I could use less stuffing inside my basket and have more room and money for usable items. I would rather spend money on objects they can use rather than for extra filling inside the basket. The napkins were from a garage sale, that I was able to wash and add some details to make them special. The wine glasses I found at Dollar Tree, but there are many places to get simple wine glasses to which you can add your own touches. The other pieces I collected from various places trying to find simple things that I could personalize. I love the personalized cutting board, made from glass, so it can be kept out for daily use or pulled out to display food (i.e. cheese board, cookies, etc.) The mason jar glasses were something I had created for a few friends getting married, so I made an extra set for this purpose. Surprisingly, I found all of these items for below my budget of $25.


I also try to make my “basket” something usable. For this gift basket, I used a metal tin. I like the idea of using this to ice down drinks or display bags of snacks. (Note: After visiting her home, she currently has it displayed on top of her fridge for extra storage, and it looks adorable and is practical for hiding some pantry items that don’t look so great.) If I am giving them a gift, I want it to match their personality, decor, and my purpose for the basket.

My next tip is to make everything fit with the “theme” of your basket. The theme should also reflect back on the purpose for your gift.

Here I wanted to create something that they could use for entertaining. I also wanted them to “match” or at least coordinate. For this gift, I used the personalized K to pull all my items together. I used iron on vinyl, etching vinyl, and permanent vinyl to create each final item. (Note: even if you cannot personalize these items yourself, using coordinating colors, materials, or size items can give you the same feel in your basket). I also stayed with neutral colors. I don’t want to overwhelm them, with many different colors.

After I gather all my items, I am ready to put my gift basket together. There are so

many ways to organize your carefully chosen items. I put together some rules to remember…


  1. Arrange them so you can see at least ONE of each item you’ve created.
  2. Secure everything for travel. This is important if you have to drive it and bring it to your friend, you don’t want it to fall apart in transit.
  3. Incorporate a few pops of color. I chose pink, mainly because it was one of her wedding colors.
  4. Try a few different displays, take pictures, and then decide on your favorite.
  5. Don’t over-stuff your basket. Get a “basket” big enough to hold all of your items. On the other hand, if you love your “basket” limit yourself to your items.



In my gift basket, the brown kraft paper was essential for me. It served a few purposes. It was sturdy where I was able to rest my items in the folds, keeping them from moving around as I traveled. It also lifted my objects from the deep metal bin. This way all my objects could be seen. I knew if I rested them on the bottom, they would be lost. Since this was a shower, I wanted her to be able to see everything without taking them out.

So, you have set your purpose, gathered your items, personalized them, found your basket, and arrange your items. The only thing that is left is to wrap it up (I used a cellophane gift basket bag I picked up at Michael’s and a silver ribbon.) Finally, deliver your gift and watch your friend/family enjoy their personalized gift!!


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