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Jordan Whaley, Just Peachy Gifts


Okay, so maybe she isn’t fearless, but my sister Jordan Whaley certainly does make overcoming fears and insecurities look easy.  Without her, I know that I could not have started this business on my own.

As her sister and co-founder of Just Peachy Gifts and Accessories, I am here to tell you about who Jordan is as a professional and as a friend. My younger sister and I have not always gotten along, but we have always had each others back. At the young age of 4, I learned that I would have the opportunity to be an older sister. Born in the small town of Ruston, Louisiana, she entered the world as an independent, individual child, and I have been blessed to walk with her as she grew into a strong, independent, individual woman. She attended many elementary schools, learning to make friends and adapt to her new surroundings. Into high school, she took leadership roles where she discovered her ability to create small change in the world in a powerful way. She took pride in her work with Amnesty International through her high school campus. As she went to college, she developed a strong work ethic as she took on two majors, a minor, more leadership roles in her church, internships, a job helping athletes academically, and balancing a productive social life as well. She has been out of college just a few months, but she is quickly finding her place in the adult world.

As our business manager and art director, Jordan ensures that our business stays running! This is a difficult task at times, and requires many hours of research and hoping for the best!! She works hard to create beautiful hand lettered designs, but also finds the time to manage the (icky) business side of Just Peachy. Her dreams and ambitions keep our business moving forward. As we continue to grow, I am confident in working next to her that our big dreams will one day become a reality. She continues to use her degrees in graphic arts and studio to create unique artwork, but she is extra thankful (as am I) for her business minor which has pointed us in the right direction in finding answers to our new business questions. Jordan is a life long learner. Following her graduation in Fall 2016 from Louisiana Tech, she continues to read and research any topic she is interested in. Trying out new ideas and exploring new and inventive ways to solve problems. Also, she is never afraid to ask! It is these actions that keep Just Peachy moving forward with new and creative products.

When she is not working for Just Peachy, Jordan works at Bella Bridesmaids where she helps brides and bridesmaids find the perfect dresses to wear confidently as they stand next to the beautiful couple. Having recently aided in planning my wedding as the maid of honor, she has logged hours experience in working with brides and their families and friends. So she was prepared for this job in ways she didn’t know possible. She continues to learn the ins and outs of business ownership there, as well as working with customers!

She also spends time traveling to visit her friends, trying new beer in local craft breweries, estate sale shopping, and of course reading. Through garage and estate sales, she finds interesting pieces of furniture, home decor, etc. She enjoys cleaning, refreshing, and re-purposing these once beautiful items for them to find new homes. She stays very busy and says that the more commitments and projects she has, the more productive she feels. Jordan truly lives a life of purpose, giving her something to fulfill and move forward each day. Her downtime is filled with reading, especially outside by the pool.

Her compassion surpasses her friends and family. Mission work has always been of central importance to Jordan’s life. Jordan has used travel and reading to discover more about other cultures around the world. Traveling to Spain, Italy, and Honduras, she immerses herself in the culture to better understand people. Knowing that other cultures are less fortunate than ourselves, she has traveled to Honduras to spread love and friendship extending beyond our country. Her trips are too numerous to count, but her most recent endeavor included co-hosting a summer camp working with bi-lingual children. She lived in Honduras for 2 months. This compassion and understanding of other creates a depth in her art that allows many people to identify and enjoy it. As her older sister, I could not be more proud of her achievements both in her local community and across the world.


So who is Jordan Whaley? She is our co-founder of Just Peachy, but she is also an artist, sister, friend, daughter, missionary, photographer, learner, manager, co-worker, reader, and well rounded woman. I am lucky to call her my sister, my friend, and my co-worker. I hope that one day you are fortunate enough to get to know her, as she will open your eyes to the best in the world around you.


I hope your life is Just peachy! – Hilary Pellittieri

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  1. I would love to get to know this talented and beautiful person better. Hopefully someday I will. This is a beautiful tribute to her. I love you both very much.

    Grandma Casper (Judy)

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