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Crafts and Business

What causes someone want to start a business? What sparks an idea? As we are beginning the daunting task of selling our product, I find myself asking these questions over and over.

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A quick snapshot of Jordan and I at my Rehearsal Dinner in 2015.
Photo Cred: Dawn Jason

My sister and I have been tossing around with the idea to make a little money doing something we love. We have been self-diagnosed craft-a-holics for as long as we can remember. From small vinyl decals to furniture remodels, we have never been scared to take on a new project. Since I was a child, I can remember taking things and creating something new. Some of my creations were successful, while others resulted in disaster. But I never gave up. “Make a mistake, make it great;” the more mistakes I made the better my designs came out.

As I grow older, I become passionate about creating things for myself and for others. So I create more and more.

My sister is immensely talented. She is also an expert crafter, but even more impressive, she will soon have degrees in both graphic arts and print making. She has so much knowledge about how to make projects visually appealing and the change in these small details helps set what we create apart from an amateur. Jordan has beautiful ability to create one of a kind artwork for our projects and her lettering is flawless and unique. Her talents help make me a better crafter!

Our only problem was what to do with the works of art after we finished. (My husband grew tired of our excess water bottles and home décor.)

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This is where we created our need. We have a passion to create beautiful items and not enough house to display them all. I mean my family can only use so many coasters and wine glasses! So we started to imagine others using our projects in homes across Louisiana. A dear friend of mine (and former boss) showed me the beauty in creating things that are “individually hand crafted.” Products that are not perfect or identical to the last thing I made, was what made the item more beautiful. My sister and I began to think about these “individually hand crafted” items and the desire people have to own something unique in their homes.

11138999_10100752471673028_6064026370440459062_nAfter years of talking, we decided to take the plunge. We are starting slowly, a lot of reading, hours of trial and error, but enjoying the process and discovering more and more what we are capable of doing when we put our mind to it.

So what causes someone to want to start a business? Passion for your work and an enthusiasm to try new things. I have a friend who loves to decorate cookies, she has a passion for them. When she speaks about them with me, her eyes light up and she cannot wait to show me new styles and designs she makes. No matter how exhausting her day is or how tired she is, when she gets home she wants to decorate cookies, because it brings her joy. Now the next questions, now that we figured out our passion. How do we turn that into income? How do we market our passion to become the passion of others?

Do you have a passion for something? What are you doing with your passions?

Life is Just Peachy! – Hilary

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