The Real Truth Behind What it Means to be a Dynamic Duo

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If you recently read the blog post written about one half of the team behind Just Peachy Gifts, then you’re probably wondering about the other half. (If you haven’t read it then you can go ahead and read it here before you dive into this post.. it might put some things into perspective for you..)

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So I am here to introduce you to the other half of this fantastic sister duo! Hilary Pellittieri is an elementary school teacher, probably the best ever. She lives in Covington, Louisiana with her husband, Mark and her big puppy, Rustyn. Also, she’s my older sister!

There’s something strange in sibling relationships because as sisters we’ve shared most of the same experiences, but from two totally different perspectives. I’ve noticed that this is especially true for Hilary and I. We went to (mostly) all of the same schools, had the same hobbies, lived in the same towns. Even now, we share the same friends and have a lot of the same interests. I know I can always count on her for a really good book recommendation because 1. she’s read a ton and 2. we share the same taste! (We both loved to hate Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and love to love anything by Jodi Picoult.)

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Hilary has said that I can jump into things without fears or insecurities. (Although this definitely is not always 100% true.) If I look fearless, it’s only because I have someone walking ahead of me clearing the path and telling me which step is safe. I chose to go to the same high school as Hilary (Go Stickers!) because I saw how well she thrived there. I also had the same high school job as her because I watched how much she liked working there. I became interested in doing mission work because she and our Dad went to Honduras and came home with amazing stories. I chose to go to Louisiana Tech (Go Bulldogs!) after Hilary because I saw how many friends she made in Ruston and what a supportive and positive community it was for her. I also had the same job as her in college because she told me what a good opportunity it was. So, do you get path analogy now?  It was pretty easy to find my place in the world because she basically did the hard part of figuring it out ahead of time.

Now, I don’t want to give you the idea that I’m a copy cat or we’re just duplicates of each other. We are still individuals and we took away different things from all of the experiences we’ve shared. We definitely have very distinct personalities, goals, and interests (which is why we make such a great business team!)

So basically what I’m saying is that if I’m the one pushing this beautiful business forward, it’s only because she’s the other half telling me which direction to go.

Like I said before, Hilary is an elementary school teacher. Take my word for it, Hilary is one of those teachers that her students will never forget. She takes it upon herself to make sure each child gets the special treatment that they deserve. She does not let a student leave her class without being changed for the better. I think she puts a lot of energy into make all of the people in her life feel very special. She’s great at gift-giving, throwing parties, and just being a friend because she takes the time to understand and execute what each person needs at that time.Life is Just Peachy

This quality is also what makes her a great asset at Just Peachy. We named her the production manager because she really does take the time to make sure all of the pieces and parts of our products come together at the highest quality. She strives to make sure each gift is individually hand-crafted to perfection. She wants your gift to make you feel incredibly unique and special because you are!

We really hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little. We’d like to know more about you! Share with us what you think, your gift ideas, or whatever you want!

We think that you’re just peachy 😉


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